Jacopo Malnati
Master Student at USI, Lugano

Some of my hobbies

Jul 30, 2007

I have a lot of hobbies.. even if I don't have a lot of free time. I really like to stay on my mountains taking pictures of every single flower, leaf or animal that catches my attention. I'm thinking about to create a book with all my pictures and I'm currently working on it.

Since my girlfriend really likes to travel, she made me more interested in discovering new places and cultures, so we try to visit new countries as soon as we have time and money (yes, it's expensive).

If you want to go deeper into this topic, just keep reading about my hobbies.


I love macros, expecially flower's macros. I took about 25.000 pictures of flowers. As soon as I'll have time, I will put online some of my pictures, right now I've just included some small preview randomly chosen.

I love flowers because they are so small and vulnerable but also wonderful and full of life. I really like to take pictures of them where they are used to grow so I have to walk for kilometers if I want to find them in their real and natural habitat.. and they always repay me somehow.

Mountains, valleys and hills

Seeking for flowers, walking for kilometers under the rain, sun and snow, I've seen every hole, every corner and every stone of my mountains. I live in a small valley and I feel them mine.

If you want I can say you which day in which point near which tree a particular flower will sprout.



It's all my girlfriend's fault :) She really likes to travel and I'm becoming like her. Lately I'm been in Kenya, Lapland and Cabo Verde.