Jacopo Malnati
Master Student at USI, Lugano


Dec 15, 2007
Finally I've decided wich master I'll do. Software Design. Starting from the next semester, I'll attend classes specific to my specialization.


The Master of Science in Software Design provides students with an in-depth perspective on advanced topics of modern software systems related to their design, development and evolution.

The Master of Science in Software Design uses a project-driven, hands-on approach, the primary goal of which is to teach cutting edge software engineering theory and practice. In conjunction with business and management aspects, students are trained to become competitive and business-savvy software designers for the highly competitive software industry of the 21st century.


The acquired skills allow graduates to be immediately productive in a real-life working environment. Students learn skills such as the use of cutting edge development tools and methodologies to obtain a profound knowledge about software engineering and design principles. The skills acquired in class are practiced by working on the design and development of complex systems. This qualifies graduates to work as software designers, software architects, and project managers in industry. The Master in Software Design is also an excellent preparation to pursue a PhD in computer science.

Last but not least, it is led by (the mighty) Prof. Dr. Michele Lanza